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About us

Our Story

How did the concept of CLEO come about? 


The concept behind CLEO began years ago when I was living in Los Angeles studying esthetics. I was deep into learning all things skincare and at the same time I was in a personal transformation to live a more spiritual, mindful, holistic and healthy life. I applied this newfound mindset to a very traditional industry and this is where the idea of CLEO was born. I dreamed of a salon that was deeply connected with nature, provided powerful and transformative results, empowered clients and offered natural and holistic practices. Today I am so proud of what CLEO has become and the community we’ve created. 

Why pick Bird Rock? 


Bird Rock is such a special place. It has a small town vibe with a short boulevard lined with neighborhood businesses, yet less than 800 feet away is the La Jolla coastline that just takes your breath away. It can be a drive for some of our clients, but they usually make a mini day-trip out of their appointment and end up shopping or enjoying a meal at the park overlooking the ocean.

Most popular products?

We make our own botanical hydrosols and oils and the Rose Hydrosol and Seabuckthorn Oil are the biggest sellers in the salon. These hydrosols are wonderful facial toners to add hydration, plumpness and overall vibrancy to your skin. 

Anything else we might know about our business?

We are most well known for our Sculptural Face Lifting Massage Facial — this facial is a natural alternative to injections and fillers. We combines our signature CLEO facial with an intensive massage technique to help lift, tone and release tension from the face, neck and shoulders. This treatment has been popular amongst a variety of our clients due to it being a more holistic approach to facial procedures.

Meet the team

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